As the day BLED with heat, a lonely kid from the city left a CD case with a few discs inside sitting on the dashboard of the car. Now, this being Arizona, a normal day here could bring a tear to the Devil’s eye and make him wish he was back in Hell. See, heat has a particular effect on things so to speak. When kid went to get the CDs, it turned out the Tribe Called Quest, Rage Against the Machine and Police discs had all melted together into ONE CD. Not being one to ask too many questions, Kid puts the disc in... and it jams the FUCK OUT.

Some people don't believe it... even to this day they doubt it ever happened at all... but not me... I can hear em comin.

Like the mythical bird bearing the name of the city they hail from, The Sound Bombers have risen from the ashes of hip hop to give you a new flavor to savor. Combining the live band sounds of blues, jazz, reggae, and funk with a socially aware, underground flow, this band is bringing the best of your favorite worlds together in a fresh and dynamic sound. This is the band that will SAVE THE WORLD from the drudgery of today’s “music”. Users Beware: CONTENTS ADDICTING