Dusty Glass
December 7, 2016
December 7, 2016

Wheels of Steel


Who am I, who are we? To state that one is would indicate both the speaker and the listener have some understanding of what one CAN be. What the fuck is really going on here? Tell me who has more grip on reality than a well rooted plant?? Are you feeling what I’m feeling?nSome say, fundamentally, reality is just vibrations. All things under the sun, in the galaxy, in the universe, in multiple verses… just vibrations… and it big banged into some bad ass beats? Praise vibration! What is it in music that makes the hairs stand up? It’s a little more than vibrations. So when you hear spit hit the mic, skin against guitar strings, sticks against cymbals, and diamonds scratching vinyl; remember, its not just vibrations. It’s that, this and the other, it is you, it is me, I’m Dustmight and we are the Sound Bombers.